Trekking is the best way to have a complete experience, not only with the ruins of Machu Picchu, but also with the fantastic natural environment of the jungle and mountain range that surrounds it. All the organized trekkings have porters, guides and meals included, so that the weight that you will have to load is noticeably reduced. Below, we present 6 of the best options to achieve one of the Wonders of the Modern World in an exciting way. Are you ready to explore the best alternative trekking routes to Machu Picchu? Let’s see:

The Inca Trail Trek is the most famous trek to reach the ruins of Machu Picchu. The route goes through a small section of the huge network of trails that built this ancient civilization throughout its empire, which extended from Ecuador to Chile. It is estimated that the trail had an extension of 30,000 kilometers.

If you are interested in this option, you should know that it has a variable duration according to the starting point of the route. It can last 1, 2 Day Inca Trail  or 4 nights, so you can adapt the trekking to your time and physical preparation. The itinerary always ends in Machu Picchu, regardless of the days you take.

It must be taken into account that, for reasons of preservation of the natural and archaeological spaces that are crossed during the route, there is a limited quota of 500 people / day who can start the Inca Trail, in groups of 16 people maximum. And remember in February, the road remains closed for maintenance


It is a good alternative option to the Inca Trail, whose strength is the variety of climates and ecosystems that can be admired. You will be surprised to be in a leafy jungle and, just an hour later, before an impressive glacier in the middle of the mountain range. An authentic adventure, in scenarios that cut the breath. Another advantage of Salkantay Hike is that the quotas are not so limited and you save the payment of the permit.


The Lares trekking to Machu Picchu is relatively little known among most tourists. It proposes an interesting combination of nature and the visit to two authentic indigenous villages, only accessible on foot. The fact that the route is still little traveled by visitors, offers the opportunity to approach the natives and interact with them.

This trek has a duration of 3 nights and is also an interesting option to recover physically, since one of the nights is spent in a rural hotel (the other two are camping).


The perfect alternative for those who like trekking, but in fair measure, and prefer not to give up the comforts of a hotel at nightfall. The tour proposes a walk of about 6 hours through various highlights of the Sacred Valley: Qenqo, Siwa, Lamay and Ollantaytambo, among others. This is a good way to savor the attractions of the valley in a closer and paused way than with motorized tours.

Afterwards, the members of the group are transferred to the train that will take them to Aguas Calientes (the nearest town to the ruins). The second day you visit the ruins of Machu Picchu and return to the city of Cusco. Total duration two days, one night.


If you love mountaineering and have time to devote many days to your visit to Machu Picchu, this is your trek. It includes long walks daily, through trails with landscapes that we guarantee you will never forget, reaching an altitude of 4,670 meters. On this route you can admire the two most important Inca ruins in the area. You probably have not heard of the citadel of Choquequirao. With the nickname of “Sacred Sister of Machu Picchu” for its architectural similarities, these impressive ruins of almost 2,000 hectares are an extraordinary example of the Inca building mastery. You will need 8 days and seven nights to complete this challenging and wonderful route.


Without doubt the most adventurous option to reach the ruins is the Inca Jungle trek to Machu Picchu. This proposal combines trekking, cycling, rafting and even zip-lining (canopy), clearly betting on adrenaline and the variety of activities. Includes a descent in mountain bike of nothing more and nothing less than 3,100 meters of altitude, rafting in a brave river with rapids of grade III and IV, walks of up to 7 hours through the heart of the jungle to a hot spring and canopy to more than 150 meters high. Like all previous trekking, it ends with a guided tour to Machu Picchu. It can be done in 3 or 4 nights.

Now you discover the top 6 trekking options to reach at Machu Picchu wonder. Life the real adventure and discover Cusco!!!