Arequipa is the city of sillar (white stone), with destinations such as snow-capped mountains, volcanoes such as the Misti, deep canyons such as the Cotahuasi and the Colca, a renowned gastronomy, coves and beaches.

Settled between the coast and the southern highlands of Peru to the Andes. It contains the snow capped Ampato (6,288 meters above sea level), Chachani (6,075 meters above sea level) and Misti (5,825 meters above sea level). Discover with us this amazing white city on Peru!!!

Arequipa, in Quechua Ari-Quepay (if you stay), has a wide range of tourist attractions, from its architectural monuments such as temples, monasteries, and mansions built with sillar stone. For its part, the Arequipeño landscape has an extraordinary beauty that captivates and attracts locals and foreigners alike. The beauty of its countryside is compounded by the beauty of its volcanic mountains (Misti, Chachani, Pichupichu), forming part of the Volcanic Mountain Range. Among its main attractions are the Cathedral of Arequipa, the temple and convent of the company of Jesus, Monastery of Santa Catalina (“a small city within a city”), old houses such as the house of Moral and the Goyeneche house, and the impressive canyons of Colca and Cotahuasi.

Precisely because of the way it is built – of its buildings and monuments – with sillar (volcanic lava stone), Arequipa is known as the “White City”. It was founded on August 15, 1540, and recognized by UNESCO as a cultural heritage of humanity in the year 2000.

Access roads – Arequipa:

  • Terrestrial: The main road is the South Pan-American Highway (Lima – Arequipa). The trip lasts approximately 14 hours. by bus; 1009 km of route. From the city of Lima there are interprovincial land transportation services to this city.
  • Air: Arequipa has a perfect air communication with different regions of Peru. There are daily air flights from Lima to the Alfredo Chávez Ballón airport (approximately 1 hour); this airport is located 25 min. from the city of Arequipa.
  • In addition there are links to other regions of the country, including:
    Cusco (30 minutes approx).
    Tacna (30 minutes approx).
    Juliaca (30 minutes approx).
    And also, there are scheduled flights to Bolivia (La Paz and Santa Cruz), and Chile (Arica, Iquique and Santiago).
  • Railway: This region has a wide railway network that links the cities of Arequipa – Juliaca – Puno – Cuzco and Quillabamba

Gastronomy – Arequipa:

The city of Arequipa has an exquisite and varied cuisine, which has given it great national and international fame. Knowing this beautiful city and tasting its most famous dishes is an unforgettable experience, sure to delight your most demanding palate.
Among the main typical dishes we have:

  • Ocopa Arequipeña.
  • Chaque.
  • Stuffed hot pepper.
  • Fried ribs
  • White broth
  • Pork adobo.
  • Cauchi.
  • Malaya fried.
  • Locro.
  • Potato cake.
  • Soup.
  • Cuy and rabbit chactado.
  • Pebre.
  •  Shrimp soup.
  • Sweats of machas.

To drink it is recommended the authentic Andean drink, the chicha de jora, of course you can not leave the city without having tasted the delicious and refreshing local beer.